Spookfish by Humaan

One or more humans at Humaan got together in Perth to create a new site for their client, Spookfish.

We’ll keep trippin’ on how these names come about.

Fresh Legs

Screenshot of the Daisylegs website

There is a bouncing kangaroo on my screen. Courtesy of Melbourne builders Alyoop for Daisylegs.

Spalding Women by 24

Screenshot of the Spalding Women website

24 shows us Spalding in not just about basketballs. Maybe Sherrin is not just about footballs. Maybe we just learnt Spalding is a parent company of Sherrin. Maybe this knowledge will come in handy one day.

Netki launch for Schorem

Screenshot of the Schorem website

Just before Christmas, Netki launches an international effort. In the new year, maybe they look towards helping Myki.

Monkii launch Isuzu Trucks

Screenshot of the Isuzu Trucks website

So these new trucks have wireless, and can phone home to Isuzu staff sitting on invisible chairs.

Monkii did the build, mostly by wires. Invisible chairs were not used, as everyone used invisible standing desks.

Business Victoria by Thick

Screenshot of the Business Victoria website

Melbourne’s Thick, launching a government website that doesn’t feel like a government website. This is a good thing.

Millet redesign

Screenshot of the Millet Studio website

Sydney duo Millet Studio update their site. That’s Millet, not Mullet as initially hoped.

Two new sites for Citrus

More by luck than any investigative practice by Yeah Nice, we’ve awarded Citrus the first projects to be posted here in 2014, with Notemaker and Coopers recently launched.

Welcome to the new year Citrus, especially when two tweets ago you were signing off 2012.

Flint launches Jensen Shirts

Screenshot of the Jensen website

This man wears shirts, so we can’t show you his face on the Internet. You might be wondering, what brand of shirt does a shirt wearer wear? Flint‘s just shown you. Jensen.