Native Digital closes

Rarely does an agency’s email newsletter warrant a mention, but Native’s was a step above the rest, and we welcomed its regular delivery in the inbox. Not so welcome was this week’s edition announcing that Native will be no more.

Footlocker sides with Pusher

Over at Sydney’s Pusher:

We’re over the moon to announce we have been appointed digital agency of record for retail sneaker giant, Footlocker, in the Asia Pacific region!

Pusher will be responsible for the evolution of the brand’s loyalty program “The Locker” plus all digital assets including websites, mobile apps, and digital campaigns.

Weekend httpster

Yo dawg, we heard you like websites showcasing websites, so we put up a showcase website on a website that showcases websites.

Late to the party on this one, but Httpster seems to be going strong, approaching two years of fine service. Courtesy of Hobart’s Weekends* and Melbourne’s Guvnor.

The Nest acquired by Frost*

Over in Sydney, The Nest:

Today we’re delighted to announce that The Nest has been acquired by world-renowned creative agency, Frost, and we’ll be joining with them under the newly established banner of the Frost Group.


We will be moving into Frost’s Surry Hills studio space in the coming weeks, however we will continue to operate as a separate entity, under our own name, servicing both our existing roster of clients as well as now acting as Frost’s digital offer.

Digicon joins Deloitte Digital

Queensland’s Digicon team up with DD following the announcement today:

We are excited to announce that the team at Digicon are joining Deloitte Digital to form a new studio in Brisbane.

With 20 digital specialists joining our team, the new studio will be the fourth Deloitte Digital location in Australia.

Tourism Australia sides with DT for digital

AdNews pastes from the press release, as Yeah Nice doesn’t get any. DT‘s Brian Vella:

“We know how important digital marketing is to Tourism Australia and we are looking forward to partnering with them to demonstrate what Australia has to offer through online channels.”

Hello Pistachios

While Yeah Nice still finds its feet, we’re not going to dive much into “apps” and their creators just yet. We do need to keep an eye on Sydney-based collective Pistachio, however. Their Red Pen service has been generating some chatter recently, and we might have caught them on Pinboard’s popular bookmark list - a virtual high-five we reckon.

BWM acquires Sputnik Agency

Yeah Nice remembers a Sputnik with the odd studio interior and Flash website where staff asked you questions for the navigation. We look forward to seeing what they’ll come up with as part of BWM.

NIVEA sides with AnalogFolk

Yeah Nice is getting quite metro/technosexual. Our second post on skincare, courtesy of Sydney’s AnalogFolk, who recently noted their undertaking of NIVEA’s digital work, previously with Orchard.

"Let's blade brah."

A few nineties kids out there may remember Airborne. Hopefully Airborne the agency was inspired by this rollerblading marvel.

We don’t know much about them, but we applaud the brother sister founding duo for rocking a site with nothing but a Flash flip book in 2012. It was good enough to earn a site for the company behind another childhood treasure, Lego.

Tourism Victoria sides with IE

We wonder if Melbourne’s IE Agency supports all versions of the famed browser. What we do know, is that they’ll support Tourism Victoria for the next two years in things of a digital nature.

They also might be partnering with incumbent Next Digital, but we’re not too sure. Give us a break, we’re new to this. First post!